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Jim Bones
Jim Bones
Affiliation Spooktastic
Weapons Blade, Boney Claw, Saaw Shield
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Jim Bones is a Hero, and the leader of Spooktastic.


Bones is the leader of Spooktastic, a team of creepy, Halloween-themed Heroes. He was almost killed by Claw'd once, but was saved by H.C. Guy. Claw'd now wears his Hero Core as a souviner.

Abilities and Traits

Bones is a creepy, skeleton-themed member of Hero Factory, he is know for his dark sense of humor. His team is usually never given missions face-to-face, as many fear them.


Bones uses a blade, a Boney Claw (as a 3.0), and a Saw Shield. He also has a blade on his wrist.




  • His name is supposed to sound simiar to "Jimbo."


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