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Jimi Stringer
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"Hey, I'm plenty tough already...Cool!"
―Stringer-Getting Upgraded to 3.0
Strength: 17
Agility: 18
Toughness: 18
Mind: 16

Jimi Stringer is a Hero that was created in the Assembly Tower, and is currently a 4.0 Hero. Jimi Stringer was origanally a 1.0 Hero that battled Von Nebula.


Rise Of The RookiesEdit

Trials Of FurnoEdit

Stringer was part of the escort for the explosives along with Stormer, Bulk, and Furno. He engaged in the fire fight with XPlode and Rotor. He also trained his gun on Rotor while Furno tried to cuff him [Rotor].

Core CrisisEdit

Stringer was sent to Penitentiary 1331 along with Bulk, Surge, and Breez. During there fight with Corroder, Bulk was pinned under some grinders and Stringer distracted Corroder while Surge tried to free Bulk.

He then was part of a Hero Cell with Bulk and Surge while Furno faught Corroder.

The Enemy WithinEdit

Stringer is part of the search for Stormer while he [Stormer] is infected by Meltdown's nanobots.

Von NebulaEdit

Stringer went to New Stellac City along with Stormer and Bulk. They encounter Thunder and Corroder, and then they lose contact with Hero Factory.

Stringer loses his weapon along with the rest of Alpha Team and Rookie Team. He then helps the teams capture the villians that are helping Von Nebula.

Savage PlanetEdit

Stringer goes to Quatros with the rest of the Search and Rescue team. He is sent with Furno and Nex and fights a Scorpio with them.

Stringer is part of the final battle with Witch Doctor. He asisted with bringing him back to Hero Factory.


Stringer was sent after Voltix, He followed him to an electricity plant and the fought, wich ended with Voltix zapping Stringer.

Stringer woke up just in time to stop Voltix from completing his mission. He used an electricity storing canister to defelct Volitx's blast back at him. He then unplugged Voltix's cords and took him back to Hero Factory.

brain attackEdit

He was captured by many of the brains and got brainified. However, he was saved by his allies.


1.0 FormEdit

Stringer wielded a Sonic Boom Weapon. His helmet contained a camera, speakers, and a communicator.

2.0 FormEdit

Stringer wielded the same Sonic Boom Weapon. His helmet is unkown.

3.0 FormEdit

Stringer had a Bearclaw. His helmet was shaped like a bears head.

4.0 FormEdit

Stringer has an upgraded Sonic Boom Weapon. His helmet was identical to his 1.0 form's.


Stringer is always cool and relaxed, a trait that tends to get on his friend's nerves. He is a thinks quick andacts quick, and that has gotten him out of many dangers.


Gallery Edit

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