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Jimi Stringer XL
Stringer xl
Affiliation Hero Factory, Alpha-XL Team
Classification Melee-tank
Ranged Weaponry Swarm II-class missile launcher
Melee Weaponry Guitar maul
Colour Black, silver, grey, orange
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City
Aliases "The Supersonic"

Stringer XL, or Jimi Stringer XL, is the sixth hero on the Alpha Team to have a permanent XL suit created for him.


Stringer combines the power of sound and the power of steel. His guitar maul is notorious for its ruthless blows.

Guiter maul: This maul must be wielded by two hands, and can tranmit sound and large amounts of force into its target, provided the wielder swings hard enough. Which Stringer XL does.

Swarm II-class missile launcher: A light, yet sturdy missile launcher. The swarm line of missile launchers are very successful, due to the amount of rockets they can fire, and their weight, which is near nothing.

Recent Missions

Stringer's XL suit was created for the main purpose of aiding the rest of the XL-Alpha team in their current mission. Therefore, Stringer XL will have to rely on his past experience without his XL suit ot see him through.

Additional Abilities

As always, Stringer XL is calm as the danger rears its ugly head. The other team members are beginning to understand why he does this, but they aren't always happy when he stares into the face of evil and seems fine with it.

And, of course, he is in love with his guitar maul, which also doubles as his most prized possesion while songwriting.


Max value is 20.

Strength: 19
Agility: 14
Toughness: 18
Mind: 17


Stringer XL will appear in Infernum, along with the rest if the XL-Alpha team.

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