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"Oh boy, now how about that."
―Stringer reacting to Voltix's second escape
Jimi Stringer (OonieCacola)
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Hero Factory


sonic-blast guitar




Makuhero city: magnet district

Jimi Stringer is a hero who was formerly on Alpha team, but decided to work solo.


Stringer began working alone right after the mission to Quatros. He realized that he was better off working on his own or occasionally with a few others. Between Quatros and the Breakout, Stringer went on numerous solo missions, returning successful every time. He was also accompanied by Bulk a couple times.


After Stringer succeeded in capturing Voltix, he was given an extra upgrade to help out other heroes still hunting villains. Most of the missions he went on involved him teaming up with multiple hero teams, so he experienced a wide variety of hero tactics. Stringer now resided in the magnet district of Makuhero city, taking on local missions and living a nice life.

Second Chance

In a slightly altered version of Stringer's Breakout mission, he was given the task of hunting the still uncaptured villains: Splitface and XT4. Accompanied by Surge and Nex, he was able to successfully capture the villains. As the three were returning to the factory, he received a call that Voltix had once again escaped from prison. Thus, he, along with his fellow heroes, had to go capture the villain once again.

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Abilities and Traits

Stringer really likes music, as well as electronic gaming and space travel. He has the ability to produce sonicbooms and launch sound waves out of nothing.


Stringer carries a sonic-blast guitar, which can rupture sound barriers and bring villains down with high pitched sound beams. He also has amplifier armor to enhance his attacks.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 22
Agility: 22
Toughness: 22
Mind: 22