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"At last, revenge shall be mine!"
―Jindrexa upon her enemy's return.







Jindrexa is a powerful warlord. She can manipulate all elements. She is part of the ruling council, dubbed "The Shard". They control the Organization. She can create Nightmares and Obsidian with ease. She is the most powerful Warlord. She fought "The Core" in a legendary war called "The Omega War". The Shard against The Core. She was present in the Battle of Solaris and the Battle of Lunaris. She would create a powerful weapon, for herself.


During the near end of The Omega War, she was imprisoned within a Star. Where Vulcanix was in a Volcano, Crystalia  within a Cloud, and Demirax within a snowy mountain and Sentinelax within a underground tomb. She was in a Star within a pocket dimension. She hated her imprisonment. She eventually corrupted seventeen individuals, them becoming her Guardians. She slowly grew more hateful. Years of being imprisoned.


Soon a Cult was created, with her seventeen guardians being the leaders. They worshiped Jindrexa. With the Emergence of the other Guardians, they united with the Cult of Jindrexa to free Jindrexa. She escaped and evoked her wrath upon Hero Factory. Crippling it.

Weaponry Detail

Her Scythe is special. Made out of the hardest and sharpest material in the known universe, It can be in Scythe form, or Axe Form. Her Claws are made out of pure Obsidian.


Trecherous. Jindrexa is proud, arrogant, slightly narcissistic individual. She is extremely confident. She has a hatred for Akiyama Makuro. She is also extremely patient.

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Strength: 10

Agile: 10

Endurability: 10

Intelligence: 10

Balance: 6

Emotional Stability: 3

Strength of emotions: 10

Tolerance of Akiyama Makuro: 0

Tolerance of treachery: Critically low(1 or 2).


"Give me your face!"
―Jindrexa before decapitating someone.
"I. Am. Death. I. Am. Power. I AM JINDREXA!"
―Jindrexa during the start of the battle of Solaris, and the start of the battle of Lunaris.
"Sister, Brothers. I am free."
―Jindrexa upon escaping.
"Why? Why did you betray me!?"
―Jindrexa to Phorinox after he betrayed her.


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