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John Mercury Master is a Hero of of the Hero Factory in Timeline 673. Created by JackieFuChan616, he serves as the main protagonist of almost every story in Timeline 673.


In Timeline 527, about 10 years after the events of Invasion from Below, the known universe was obliterated by a massive war caused by an unseen evil force. Observing the destruction from another dimension, a group of mysterious beings were able to alter the timeline by sending a spirit back in time to inhabit the body of someone worthy in the past who could prevent this crisis from happening.

In Timeline 527, the Hero Factory is a well known institution for dealing with evil across the known universe. The Hero Factory uses the latest in bio-genetic engineering to create soldiers of justice known as Heroes. Each one is created with unique powers and abilities, combined with the well known Hero Cores that are necessary for their creation. The cores give them their personality, and is a crucial aspect in making sure that the universe is a safe place. One downside of the Cores is that they require constant recharging. This has a tendency to place a burden on Makuhero City during times of energy crisis. After a major power failure two years prior, Hero Factory scientists started experimenting with new ways to extend the power of a Hero Core and try to make it so it needs to be recharged less and less. Eventually, they developed a new mercury-based solution that could be combined with Quatza in order to create a self recharging core with an almost perfect power loop. Deeming it too dangerous to test on an actual Hero, they decided to place the experimental core on a pilot as a beta test before rolling it out to other Heroes. Soon after, the Core was integrated into a newly created pilot JM-127.

This pilot proved to be a major controversy in the Hero Factory. Due to his core, he was seen as a freak and treated as an outcast by the other pilots. His core gave him a unique personality, and he longed to join the ranks of the Heroes. He was however shot down by them at every shot he attempted. To compensate for this, he attempted to help the Heroes that he was supposed to be flying too and from their battles. This only made things worse however, as his actions led to two Heroes nearly getting killed. He was given two strikes, if he gets another one he will be deactivated.

Rise of a Hero

To be continued...

First Mission

To be continued...