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John Stone

Hero Factory, Brains (Formerly)


Plasma Gun




Makuhero City

John Stone is a Hero who was made in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City



Stone entered the world after he saw flashes of lightning. But then, he saw flashes of red. Rookies were not being made and John panicked in confusion. After a day or so he was assigned to fight Quaza Spike in this breakout thing. He was on the planet Quatros meeting a whole bunch of animals like Fangz, Raw-Jaw, Waspix, and a massive Scorpio. They all appeared to have read stones on them. Stone was fighting an army of wild, mutated animals at two days old. He ended up running away, but he encountered a cliff. Through sheer luck, he managed to stop, while the animals chasing him could not, falling off to their deaths. In the process, John was pushed off as well, but he hopped on the heads of the creatures as they were falling. He leaped to the edge, just barely missing the edge of the cliff, and fell again. As he looked down at the gruesome sight of the squashed animals, Stone prayed, landing safely upon the animals. He saw a familiar face walking by covered in the red stones he saw earlier. As he threw the cuffs after him, he realized that that was the villain he was supposed to capture.

Brain Attack

He was sent to help Alpha Team and teamed up along with William Shock to save them. Magno recently joined him, although he was quite scared, and almost got attacked by a brain, but Stone saved him. Stone himself was injured until Furnox, Furno's little brother, saved him. The battle raged until backup, consisting out of a thousand heroes, saved them from the millions of creatures. He ended up getting sent to the HF medical wing after fighting the Mexes Queen and Dragon Bolt.


Stone was the only Hero to use the Breakout model of Plasma Gun during the Brain Attack.


Strength: 10
Agility: 6
Toughness: 8
Mind: 8


  • His original form first appeared in the Brain Attack game as the basic hero, as the prototype, but Bioniclezilla76 decided to make him a full-fledged Hero.