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Johnny Bomber

Hero Factory


Quaza Blaster, Quaza Core blast.




Hero Factory,Makuhero City

Johnny Bomber is a hero who was built in the Assembly Tower. He was eventually cured from a life of madness by Witch Doctor and Julius Nex.


Johnny Bomber is a Hero who used to be on a team with Edward Gunner, Jeremy Hull, and Calvin Length. This went on until he wanted more and more power for his Hero Core. He was suprisingly stopped by a sober Fire Lord. He is a former Recon Agent. He has a son named Max.


Johnny Bomber was pronounced dead at 9:45 on November 1st, 2011. He died of an excessive amount of nuclear Quaza found in his Hero Core. This ws probably from his overdose of it on Quatros. Bomber was replaced by his son Max Bomber.

Later Years

Bomber took Aldous Witch's place as an instructor at the Hero Factory after his recuperation. Bomber is on call for the rest of his life though, just in case Villains attack again.

Abilities and Traits

Bomber is known for being mischeivious, cautious, and impulsive. One day, while patrolling Quatros with his teammates, he came across some pure quaza. He was so excited, he shoved the quaza straight into his core, amplifying his power. This gave him incredible power. Eventually, though, Gunner was able to stop him. He then fled, becoming crazier and crazier every day. He was later cured on Quatros by Witch Doctor and Julius Nex.


Bomber has a large quaza cannon with a big blast shield over it. He is also able to shoot an energy beam right through his core, without draining himself.


Bomber is a tall, light armored Hero with glowing red quaza armor along with orange and black armor with a red head and core.


  • Bomber is one of the only Heroes to deny a 3.0 upgrade.
  • Bomber was on Edward Gunner's elite team.