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Custom Form
Custom form:DSCF4645 Breakout form:Johnny Pyro breakout

Hero Factory: Deltrax7 Team


killbox double flamethrower, Fire Lord's Magma thrower, double grenade launcher





"You think it's easy, huh? You try having to be put down on a table, waiting for the doctor to say if you are going to die or not, and each day I wake up, hoping that I don't have to be sedated again, because whenever I am it hurts. Everything hurts. Colors hurt, sounds hurt, even touching hurts, because everything seems to remind me of Tyrant ripping of my arm, or the soundKyle's core made when it was shot! And at night I have nightmares, because I am afraid I won't wake up.!"
―Johnny Pyro to Ryan Killshot, Hero Hospital

Johnny Pyro is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City


Johnny Pyro has the same core design as Ryan Killshot, so technically they are brothers. Pyro is, as his name indicates, the pyromaniac of the team, as he loves blowing stuff up and burning buildings down with his weapons.


In the second part of his anti-smuggling mission, Pyro and Killshot were reunited, as Ryan had continued with his missionout of loyalty.


In the climax of his anti-smuggling mission, Pyro was severly damaged by the master smuggler Tyrant after he tried to help his team's leader Kyle Topkick. The two Heroes were saved when Simon Speedsman grabbed them and ran them to a safe spot where Killshot was waiting. Killshot connected his core to Pyro's and Topkick's to save them from permanent core damage. 


Johnny has a killbox double flamethrower, which is injected with Quaza to make it more powerful. In his 2.0 form, he managed to get hold of Fire Lord's magma thrower and improved it for his own use. In his 3.0 form, he is portrayed as a tiger and has twin claws on one arm. During the Breakout, he sports a twin grenade launcher on one arm and a normal blaster, as well as a special pair of Hero-Cuffs that catch Villains. 


Strength: 7
Agility: 8
Toughness: 5
Mind: 8


  • brothers reunited
  • you ripped my arm off!!
  • Pyro's 2.0 form
  • Pyros 3.0 form, as a tiger
  • Letting the cat out of the bag there Pyro?
  • grenade launcher
  • gun
  • catch em' and cuff em'!


  • All the Deltrax7 team members have 2.0 forms for when they are not in action, and I havent got around to making 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and Breakout versions for all of them. However, I am working on Breakout versions.


  • Johnny Pyro is based of someone i know.