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General Information

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Misc. Information

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"We'd better hurry, before General Gilben makes it rain in here."
―Jonah Valor [src]

Jonah Valor is a Hero, working for Hero Factory


Very little is known about Jonah's past, except that at some point in time during the Natov-Cherak war, his team was assigned to defeat a group of mercenaries hired by Natov's that had taken over a space station. The ensuing battle resulted in several of the mercenaries and all of his team mates falling, and Jonah retreated, luring the mercenaries into a trap. After that, he activated the space stations defenses shortly before a Natov transport fleet arrived, which was quickly destroyed by the station's weapons.

Recently, he was assigned to Cobalt squad, and after a short briefing was modified and upgraded. He is currently aboard a modified Verisian V-10 Cruiser, getting a briefing on the first mission for Cobalt squad from Preston Stormer.

Personality and Traits

Jonah is somewhat laid back, and has often been compared to Jimi Stringer by other Heroes. The fact that he often chillaxes with Jimi helps that a lot. When in battle, he goes from being laid back to being stone cold, calculating his moves and intent on getting the mission done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Weapons and Abilities

Jonah's new weapon is a powerful sniper rifle, which is effective for sniping, though he can use it effectively at closer ranges. It can be flipped over, and on the other side has multiple tools for welding, sawing, and several other things. His gun can be loaded with class 1 lethal ammo, or class 8 stun ammo.

Like the other Heroes on Cobalt squad, he has been given a HUD, and his gun has been linked up to his helmet, allowing him to interact with his gun in various useful ways.

As a hero designed for battle and lifting heavy loads, Jonah has good vision, and is stronger then many other heroes.


Jonah's armor was originally metallic gray and yellow(Like Hewkii), but is now black and yellow for his new mission. He is six inches taller then a normal hero.