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Jonathan Cork Screw
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Hero Factory


Two swords, saw, neck snapper, core remover




Hero factory Storage vault

'Jonathan (or Jon'''''') Cork Screw works at the same vault with Jim Whiter. He is also a rookie hero.

Appearance & Tools

Jon is also a Brute-class hero. He has two swords which are made out of the same material as hero amor. He has two extra arms with a saw and a neck snapper (Hook weapon.) His armor color is mainly Blue and green, he also has some orange . He has a red hero core and also a lime green one. He also has a brute pack which a brutes have. He also has a over the head ice gun. His brute pack can also used as a drone. In his XL form he has a twin sword an ice rifle and for some reason he has a core remover. He has black, blue, and some lime green armor.


Jon has a great sense of humour when talking to citizens or heroes. Jon is best friends with Jim Whiter. When fighting villains he will use mild insults and strong language. He also likes Breeze, and hates Zib for no reason and likes to tease him.



"She's mine!!!!!!"
―Jon to Jim Whiter - Jon vs Jim
"Call me"
―Jon to Breeze - Diary of Jon (Series)
―Jon to himself - Diary of Jon (Series)


  • He also hates his last name
  • Jon is also dating Breeze
  • Jon hates hates Acidblast