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"I have no idea what the heck that is, but I have a feeling that it's not friendly."
―Jonathan Rex to Anastasia Grip and Samuel Kid after they went through a portal
Jonathan Rex
Jonathan Rex 1.0

Jonathan Rex 2.0

Hero Factory, Beta-Pi 5 Team


Mud Flinger (formerly),Heavy-Duty Power Digger, Shock Wave Gun




Terra Magna

Jonathan Rex was a hero working for Hero Factory, then was upgraded to a 2.0 Hero, like many other heroes.


Has yet to be declassified by Hero Factory's scientists

Personality and Abilities

Jonathan Rex was a bold and outgoing hero. He was rather bossy at times, but only wanted the mission to succeed. He was rather secretive about his missions, and would get physical if his teammates revealed the missions to the public. He was known for his love of the soil, and his ability to absorb energy from the soil around him, if there was any. He loved the "Gamma Flyer".


As a 1.0 hero, Jonathan Rex wielded a Mud Flinger, which created mud, and sent it flying at it's target's main visual receptors, blinding them. As a 2.0 hero, Jonathan Rex wielded a Heavy-Duty Power Digger, which ground at dirt, concrete, or metal, allowing him quick access to most or all areas of almost all known structures. He also wields a Shock Wave Gun, which sent a sonic boom at it's target. He also owned one of the dropships. He modified it himself, and called it the "Gamma Flyer". It was modified with a warp drive, an Atomic Torpedo Launcher, and a Stasis Blaster.


Hero Factory: Ravaged (Coming soon)