Kaleb Pluck
Hero - Original Form

Hero Factory


Spiked Staff




Makuhero City

Hey! Guys! Look! Vonnie's Back!
-- Pluck and Von Nebula, battling each other.

Kaleb Pluck is a Hero serving the Vergis-2 Team. 

Rise of the Rookies


"I am a Hero. I always will be. You had your chance." Kaleb Pluck meets Von Nebula.

Kaleb never really met any villains until Von Nebula's Gang started attacking. On the planet Aquarius, Kaleb and his close friend Chase Lisho came across Von Nebula. Nebula engaged the two in combat, and destroyed Lisho. He then said he admired Pluck's fighting style and asked him to join his gang. Pluck angrily said no. Pluck later reported his findings back at Hero Factory. Preston Stormer and his team tracked down Nebula and his gang and captured them. Pluck was promoted to Team Leader.

Ordeal of Fire

Pluck was severely burned when battling Jetbug. Vowing revenge, he convinced Mr. Makuro to use the upgrade on him.

He was given two small pistols, and arrived at Tanker Station 83, ready to battle the Fire Villains. He succeeded in capturing Drilldozer with the help of Rocka. Jetbug, Fire Lord, and Nitroblast were later captured by the Alpha 1 Team, led by Preston Stormer.

Fire Hunter


2.0 Form

Pluck took two rookies under his wing immediately after the incident at Tanker Station 22. Thanks to the Fire Villains, all Villains in the galaxy were transforming themselves into Fire Villains so they would be harder to defeat by Hero Factory.

Due to this, a new option, version 2.5 heroes, became availible, in order to track down and defeat the newly called Fire Villains. Pluck led the operation, and defeated them all within two years, taking a short break to deal with Aldous Witch during the events of Savage Planet. He then resumed his search for Fire Villains, ending the search about a month later.

Savage Planet

Kaleb Pluck took a break searching for Fire Villains when the Alpha 1 Team was called to Quatros. Stormer informed Zib that Alodus Witch had turned traitor to Hero Factory and was using their Hero Craft to exit Quatros and leave Stromer and his team to die. Alarmed by this, Zib sent Pluck through the upgrade and put him in a Hero Craft fully stocked with ten missiles and three heavy duty guns. Pluck patrolled the outside of Quatros, making sure that Witch Doctor didn't try to escape.