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Kat Kitty is a rookie from the Beta Team who was created in the Assembly Tower sometime in 2012. She is known to like Rocka, and often annoys him by following him around. She always very sure of herself and is determined to be thought of as Rocka's girlfriend.


Kitty bears bright green armor. She wears a helmet that resembles that of Toa Hordika Matau's head from the BIONICLE series. Her animal power is a house cat and she carries an axe.


  • Kitty is seen by the guys and the opposite of Alba since she gets the most mad at her for teasing the guys.
  • In develoment of creating her, she was started out to being a green hero using parts from the Superheroes Green Lantern set. When the TH Matau head was added, Eli J. Brown couldn't help but to make this character female. So as a result, Kitty was born.
  • Her name was inspired by Kitty Katswell from TUFF Puppy and Kitty Softpaws from Puss In Boots as a reference of being a female cat-themed hero.

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