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      Keegan Accidonn is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. He was built to capture Fire Villains. 


Keegan Accidon was created to capture fire villians, but there was no team for him to join until Lava Team was created, so Accidonn was a scientist. He helped create the 3.0 upgrade and made prototype versions of the Breakout armor. He found a way to integrate hidden blades into hero armor also. He was finally put into service with the new Lava Team, shortly after Savage Planet.

Life as a Rookie

Keegan Acidonn's rookie life was really slow, as Keegan was a scientist, creating several weapons for heroes in need. He was built with the upgrade, and soon Lava Team was created and Acidonn was assigned leader. Lava Team was to deal with other Fire Villians, but none turned up, so they had no missions until after Savage Planet. Acidonn's team was to be backup for Michael Ice Viper, who was to find the cause of some strange lights on Starta. When Matthew Fireblast reported that Ice Viper had crashed, Acidonn decided to go help on the surface. They flew down but were hit by a cannon blast, causing the Hero Craft to crash, killing every member of Lava Team except for Acidonn and Fireblast. They met up with Ice Viper, and they found and gang of dragons terroizing the villages on the surface. They arrested the gang, and got picked up by a hero team heading back to Hero Factory. He and Fireblast were assigned to Omega 5 Team.


At Breakout, Accidon was sent to capture a villian named Firefly on the desert moon of Derrilia. He was caught in a sandstorm, and couldnt find Firefly until Firefly ambushed him. Acidonn used his fire sword and disabled Firefly's flamethrower, and cuffed him. Firefly was captured and taken back to Villian Storage,

Brain Attack

Accidon was given the upgrade for the Brain Attack, and demolished the Brains single-handedly. He is now respected by Hero Factory, and was close friends with Matthew Fireblast, who is now dead.


Keegan Acidonn in Brain Attack form.

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