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Kelly Blizzard

Hero Factory




Alive (recovering)

Kelly Blizzard is a hero from the Hero Factory, and is currently recovering from her last mission.


Blizzard was ordered to stop a villain, but a building fell on top of her and everyone thought that she had died. Seven years later, James Thunder and Junk Yard Plasma found and helped her out of the rubble. She was later repaired by Jack Crailer. After she got repaired, she gave her self a new upgrade.

Abilities and Traits

She is very quick. She is also very strong.


She is friendly to all heroes in the factory, and of course she does not like villains (besides her son).


1.0 and 2.0 forms

She has pink and purple armor, her 1.0 head look's similar to Rocka's, she also has a light blue core.

Custom form

She has a brain attack chest armor, she also has a breakout gun, she also has a 3.0 claw on her left arm, she also has Breez's 1.0 helmet.

Family Members



Strength: 7
Agility: 9
Toughness: 12
Mind: 10



  • The reason that Blizzard does not have a 3.0, Breakout or a brain attack form is because she was under a building for seven years.

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