Keve is a planet that once was a technologically city-like paradise. The planet orbited around a star that had one moon and was a once well known system.


When civilization on Keve was paradise, Von Nebula secretly ordered his forces at the time to cut off the cities sources including their power and they have been in darkness ever since. With the cities shortages the robots there started to uncivilly steal the remaining resources and later the robots destroyed themselves. Now the civilization lies in bleak ruins. The existence of this planet later became myth and the once thriving civilization was renamed The Forgotten City.


Once there were city-like locations on Keve with vast clean oceans and soil that could grow plants. Now Keve is covered in the ruins of the advanced civilization that once was there. Now Keve's ocean's are polluted to the point that nothing can live, and the soil is too radioactive for anything grow there.


  • Robots - Destroyed

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