Kevin Beam

Hero Factory


grenade launcher, silver blade




Rookie Life

Beam was created right after Ordeal of Fire, and needed no testing at all because he threw a bomb at a villain who broke out of his hero cell right after Beam came out of the assembly tower, and Professor Zib saw Beam's potential at an explosives expert. He was drafted into Hero Recon, and has been in that team since his creation. His first mission was to apprehend a crook who was selling illegal drugs in Makuhero City, and Beam captured the crook within an hour of leaving his hero craft. After numerous missions, Beam was given full Hero status. 

A New Hero

With Beam being awarded Hero status, he decided to attend pilot training. He passed the training, and got his own Herocraft. Beam custom painted his Herocraft to strike fear into all villains, and put hope into the hearts of civilians. Soon, he met Natalie Breez, and instantly they were friends. They talked about old missions and other heroes, but soon, Beam had to go. He went on his first mission as a new hero. He was going to arrest a rogue hero, Percy Switchblade. Switchblade was a rookie from Omega 5 team and he was infected by a fungus which destroyed his internal nervous system. He was fast, but Beam was faster. Both were experts at parkour, and were soon at the top of a spaceport. The two heroes fought on. But Switchblade seemed tired. Beam was hit with a metal bar that Switchblade found and knocked out. Beam found out later that Switchblade had jumped of the roof, killing himself in the process.


At Breakout, Beam was talking to Breeze and a new rookie, Katie Claw. Claw was also in Hero Recon like Beam because of her potential of combat strategy. Then, an alarm sounded. Beam and Claw went to Hero Recon Headquarters, and recieved their missions. Beam traveled to Idoriana, an ice planet to capture Rock Smasher. 

Beam captured his assigned villain, and was able to capture three more by the end of Breakout.

Brain Attack

When Beam found that Claw was killed, he was shocked. Claw was his best friend. He was in grief for a few weeks, but Ice Viper told him that brain creatures were attacking, And Beam stepped up to the challenge. He powered up his Hero Craft, and flew off. He was to gas bomb any brains he saw. First he had to drop a few hero teams to their positions, but then he was off. None of the brains stood a chance against the bombs. Then Beta 12 team called for help. Beam was dispatched. Beta 12 was at a super market, and only two members were alive. The remaining members got on Beams Herocraft, and Beam gas bombed the brains.


Kevin Beam was an experimental hero created exclusively for the Hero Recon Team, and is an explosives expert. He is very much like ]]Michael Ice Viper]], and in a way is Ice Viper's clone. He has really fast reflexes, and is prepared to die fighting. In his 2.0 upgrade he used a huge machine gun, and during Breakout he used a grenade launcher. But when the Brain Attack occurred, he decided to use a silver blade. He is gold, with an orange core, and has silver hands and feet.