Kiera Blaze
Kiera Blaze

Hero Factory Task Force Hunter(the only member)




alive, unknown


unknown, sighted few times in Assembly tower

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Kiera Blaze is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower. She specializes in sniping, in which her accuracy is unmatched, as is her agility. As a result, she is too fast to be attacked by the average opponent. 


After Creation

After some time, her training season was interrupted by Alpha 1 team members: Surge, Nex, and Evo in hand to hand combat, defeating all of them altogether, which is a surprise to Alpha team and Zib as the person in charge of monitoring her, then she pulled out to catch Thunder, and able to catch Thunder on herself, when she going back to hero factory, Zib told her to drop of from the drop ship the Alpha team use, to meet her team, for catching Corroder, unfortunately, her team wiped out by Corroder, even after Corroder's chance to escape bigger, he still captured by Blaze, after that, she operate "lone wolf" on every mission given to her.

Hell's Angel 

Zib call her to do a mission to retrieve a package from HRT, she is assigned with team Iota, under Callsign of Iota  they find the package, that as heavy as two tons, to bring it up to the top floor, they used a "window cleaning cart", while Iota 3 hack the cart system, she and Iota 2 attacked by a flame-thrower guard bot, thanks to Iota 2 worst grenadier skills, she take a blow from the grenade, but she back up seconds after, the tried to snipe the bot processor, and failed, luckily, there's a disco ball hanging below the roof, she use the ball to kill the guard bot by stuck a grenade to it and jump down before it explode, Iota 3 managed to hack the system, they go to top waiting extraction, suddenly many guard bots are surrounding them, her choice is to drop the package and follow it, and she enjoyed the fall and managed to chase the package and stand on the package to stabilized it. number 2 and 3 get inside the drop ship and started to load the package, some helicopters chase them and shoot them with machine gun, Kiera manage to destroy 2 out of 3 helicopters, after the package is secured, she told the pilot to change with her and destroyed the Heli, mission accomplished.

Fall of Spyra

She was assigned to help the defend the planet, Spyra from Insurrectionist, given rank of Lieutenant Commander, she goes to many mission of reconnaissance, defend and counter-attack, unfortunately, the planet defenses fall down 3 weeks later, she heroically manage to kill more than 500 insurrection before escaping the planet alone, this change her mind of a hero means to her 

Acceptance to Recon Team

As an appreciation of retrieving the package, she was asked personally by Merrick Fortis to be HRT agent, she denied and saying she know that team Iota doesn't exist. the team is a member of HRT to test her skills, she also protested that one of them almost killed her, she left the leader of HRT alone without clear answer

Midnight Rose

She was chasing insurrectionist that attacked planet Spyra, in a 1 vs a whole group of insurrection, and after a whole 3 weeks, she manage to wipe out every insurrectionist.

Spartan Project

She is now at research and development of Hero Factory, being recruited for a "bit" performance and equipment upgrade, called "SPARTAN" for "Special Prosecutor for Assault,Rescue,Tactical,Assassinate,sNiping.

Task Force APEX

Now she's a and the only member of Task Force Hunter, a Tier 0 Clandestine Task Force, making her a ghost walking in Hero Factory


Strength: 19
Agility: 21
Toughness: 19
Mind: 20


She is now very quiet, and most of the times respectful to others, in the battle however, she respect no one except another hero, she also cared for any hero, but she like doing everything alone.She even pushed her limits that for now,no heroes had ever achieve. The negative of her is she almost never trust anyone. She also likes free-running, dub-step songs, action movies, accurate weapons, stunts, and wars. 


Kiera specialize in Sniping and Marksmenship, her light armor is designed for high mobility moves without complex joints for ease in quick repair,


LSAR-416 (her custom made rifle, and she named it herself), magnetic void shield, beam grenade, drop hard light shield, hero cuff, built in motion tracker, 360 degree of the place in radius about 60 miles, heat vision, objective marker, active-camo, custom jetpack, grappling hook.


  • She is StealthAngel351's first MOC. 
  • She is based on StealthAngel351 himself. 
  • This is StealthAngel's self-MOC in Lego Digital Designer. 
  • Sadly, I still can't find those Hero Core Clamps stuff in LDD, so, now she lacks that clamps