under-dive,laser hands




Hero Factory Mega Prison

Killzone is a large Xl-sized villain with a t-rex like body.



Killzone escaped his prison after a vortex disabled his restraints letting him rampage and run free. The vortex transported him to straight to Makuhero City!

Attack on Makuhero City

When Killzone attacked there was a massive evacuation. XL Oli Death in tank mode drove in to attack Killzone. Oli landed numerous shots on Killzone and transformed into Hero mode and launched a full assault on Killzone. Killzone used his ability under-dive to dig under Oli and gained the element of suprise. He then launched his whole body on to the large hero, grabbed his shoulders and fell forward. In mid-fall, Oli activated his shoulder mounted machine guns and shot Killzone up his chest and shoulders. The two giants then tumbled on to the floor both rolling back and Killzone took up a ready-to-pounce position while Oli put one arm in the air and layed his body on the other with his head high. Killzone jumped as Oli charged and the two crossed in mid-air. Oli ran underneath, then scrapped his fore-arm across Killzone's body while shooting him with his machine guns. After the two landed, Killzone hit Oli with some painful blows that knocked the Hero off his feet and on to his back. Killzone then placed his foot on Oli's body. BUT that was his greatest mistake because Oli had his shoulder machine guns on auto-fire and the sound of the shots awakened The Warrior, who then grabbed Killzone's leg with both giant hands and flipped him over, his head and behind him. Oli backflipped off the ground on top of the unconsious Killzone and hero-cuffed him. 


Killzone can under-dive and he has laser hands.