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Komodo King is a former mining bot and the brother of the Fire Lord. At one point, he was bitten by a Dragon Lizard from Quatros and transformed into the criminal tribe leader "Komodo King."  

Komodo King closeup
Komodo King

Ferals Tribe


Fiery Blaster Dragon Metal Claw Arm






Early on in his life, he was vacationing on Quatros and encountered a Dragon Lizard. He was bitten by the reptile and soon mutated into a fiery, dragon overlord. Learning about his brother's imprisonment, he wanted revenge on the pathetic Heroes and sought out an army.

Later on, he met a group of leaderless creatures and they elected him as their king, resulting in the creation of the "Ferals Tribe ". The Tribe battled against the Hero Factory, their sworn enemy. He 

Komodo King posed

Komodo King

later became an enemy of the Gravity Queen, causing him to seek conquest in the universe. 

Abilities and Weapons

Komodo King is cruel, prideful and fierce. His appearance and power make him a respected figure in his Tribe and to others. He is known to shoot flames when angered and will drool whenever he has a hunger for Quaza. His fiery breath can melt the strongest materials, and his metal claw arm can rip a Hero's armor plating in seconds. He also wields a Fiery Blaster.