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Kyle Katana

Hero Factory


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Makuhero City

Kyle Katana is a Hero who was built in the Hero Factory


Kyle used to be a normal, human cop, until he was fatally wounded in an accident. After this, the Hero Factory turned him into a cyborg hero. Kyle is fine with being a cyborg, but unlike other Heroes, Kyle is not pure good. He has to eat, drink, and sleep. Kyle is one of two cyborg Heroes in existence, with the other being Stella Staff. Eventually, Kyle was teamed up with Matt Blades.

Although Kyle and Matt had their differences, they got along well. He was afraid of anything related to his accident, specifically fire. Kyle was soon given his own team to lead: Team Melee, which included Stella Staff, Will Axe, Dylan Punch, and Tom Spear. He has faced his fair share of Villains, including Pollution, Iron Horse, and more, but there is another unknown Villain out there that was the cause of his accident, who also plans to rule the galaxy. 


Kyle is mysterious and secretive, and rarely says a word unless he has to. He has a short temper and can be aggressive, although he is usually laid back and calm. Sometimes he is defiant, but he is still kind and heroic through any situation. 


  • He is one of Orange Randal's favorite characters and one of his favorites to write about. 
  • Kyle was made by Orange Randal and General Rex.