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Laila Ogic

Hero Factory


Dual Energy Blades



"Excuse me, computer genius coming through."
―Ogic to the Alpha Team

Laila Ogic was a hero created by the Hero Factory  known to be amazing with computers.


Early Life

She was a hero who was created with the 2.0 upgrade. She was created with an experimental program which allowed her to be amazing with computers. She was assigned to the Alpha Team, where she fell in love with Nex.

Later Life

She was assigned to many missions. More than once, she used her amazing computer skills to succeed in them. She is currently on a mission to save a planet from giant, man-eating robot cats.

Abilities and Traits

Ogic had the ability to hack into any computer ever made. She was also very skilled with her Energy Blades.


Although she did not boast, she was excessively proud of her computer skills. After meeting him, she also became absolutely devoted to Nex.


  • Her name is the word "Logic" without the "L"
  • However, she appears to not have very much logic, because logic says that duty comes before romance, but she puts romance before duty