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Larold Scrooge was an orphan when he was small. Every Christmas he saw all of his orphan friends get picked and poor Larold never got picked any Christmas. Larold progressively became spiteful. When he was in his twenties Larold buffed up with training and bought lots of heavy armor, stole from Furno who always lets his 1.0 weapon get stolen, upgraded that, and took a large gun from Evo. Larold took his anger on Makuero City. He also killed many Heroes.


Larold had a very successful career. Though he did fire one guy, who had a starving family and little money left. Despite all this, Larold was rich, even though that was his only employee. One fateful night, a ghost of one of his victims told him about his destiny, and that was when the nightmare was about to begin.

The Four Ghosts of Christmas

He referred to himself as Marley. Marley told him about his fate and left silently. Larold when to sleep calmly and then another ghost came out of nowhere. (If you never have seen any film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, I recommend you do because I'm skipping this redundant scene.) Then the second. Christmas present came immediately after. He told Larold about how sad Furno is getting after the lost of his blade after the eighth time. Christmas present (He insists that his last name should not have a capital letter in it) then tells him about this random kid who is sick and his family can't afford anything. Christmas present seemingly dies and then out comes what appears to be the Grim Reaper, even though it is really Christams Future. The cloaked ghost raised his hand as Larold screamed and...

Killing the Dead

...Larold blasted his large gun at the ghost and it spontaneously exploded. TBA