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This article, Lava Blaster, is about a canonical character, object, creature, or location. The correct information is boosted with fanon information. Therefore, this article cannot be used for reference.
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Lava Blaster
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The Lava Blaster is a fire weapon used by the Fire Lord. It has a relationship with the Dual Fire Shooter.


Originally, Fire Lord discovered the technical interior parts for William Furno's Dual Fire Shooter, and decided to "improve" the design. Based on a modified tungsten/cobalt blade design inspired by Furno's shooter, Fire Lord added a Heat Induction Core that not only fires coils of plasma, yet it can also siphon fuel and energy from whatever it touches. By simply plunging the blades into a Fuel Pod. For example: Fire Lord is able to seek out all the fuel and use it for his own evil plans. The blades are very sharp, sharp enough to cut through steel without slowing down. Heroes are advised to avoid the Lava Blaster at all costs. (From

The new Lava Blaster

When Luis Blazer saw the blaster, he became interested in it and created one with the same outer structure, but with an improved interior design. However, his perfect form forced the lava blaster to gain both inner and outer improvements, becoming his most powerful weapon

Another modified Lava Blaster

The villain XT5 owns a Lava Blaster of his own. It cannot fire anything, but is much more powerful. It can only effect others when stabbed or stuck with the weapon.
Dual Fire Shooter

A Dual Fire Shooter

Known Users

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