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Lava Strike
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Lava Strike is a mutant lizard demon that roams the planets.


Lava Strike thrives off of metal scraps in molten damaged areas and Magma fields. He is quite intelligent and has even aided Hero Factory in some missions, but he does not harm anyone unless they harm him. For example: he only comes around when the damage is done.

  • Lava Strike
  • Lava Strike
  • Jungle Strike
  • Jungle Strike


Not much is known, because Lava Strike appeared randomly after the attacks from Fire Lord and his gang, but most assume he was just a nomadic creature roaming around the city. It is a mystery whether there are more than one of the lizard demon, but the truth may never be found.

Recent History

Rumor has it Lava Strike traveled to the planet Quatros and resided there for some time. He also may have befriended a hero who took him back to Makuhero city, where he then lived in the underground tunnels/sewers. Although its location is unknown, some say Lava Strike found portals deep beneath the city and has continued to travel, waiting for better times up above to reveal itself to the world.

Abilities and Traits

Lava Strike carries no tools, but uses many of his skills to make up for them. It has a long tail which is rumored to be either toxic or radioactive. He has claws that can shred through even the strongest metals. Lava Strike can also move very fast because of his camoflauge appearance. Lava Strike has an extremely long neck, making him seen more alien than he really is.


  • Scientists are trying to find the full origin of Lava Strike.
  • Lava Strike can't physically speak but can be heard telepathically on rare occasions.
  • Lava Strike is really a neutral and takes no sides as long as he isn't concerned.
  • It is not known if there are more creatures like Lava Strike.