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Leann Dusk is a stealth operative and hardsuit technician assigned to Lambda 16. Notably drafted into F.R.E.D.S. very early into her lifespan, she has contributed The Refuter, The Rainmaker, and Final Say into the hero armory. She notably has a contract for weapons engineering from the council, and usually provides test equipment to her counterpart Nathaniel Intercept.

Leann Dusk
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Abilities, Equipment and Personality

Armed with the earliest design for stealth technology, she has an invisibility device that works to an extent. while it does allow her to go completely invisible, she cannot turn it off until she goes to sleep. As such, she only uses it when necessary.

She carries a basic ballistic pistol, explosive mines and sticky bombs, and a saw.

Due to her invisibility, she tends to try and get attention while visible. She tends to joke and goof around, but only when there are at least two people around her. She doesn't enjoy being alone, and she tends to spend a lot of her time at extracurricular activities.


Maximum is twelve

Strength: 8
Agility: 10
Toughness: 6
Mind: 8