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Ling-Qwang is a hero-like fighter, and is the third member of the Kung-Fu Heroes.


Ling-Qwang was created 2 years ago in 2008. He was under the care of and training of the Murder Team of Hero Factory. He is friends with Terry Rex and Hugo Hak and was mostly trained by Hak to be a Kung Fu Hero. His first simulator mission was a big success.

A few months later, Bill Six and Ling were on a mission. They had to fight and capture a villain named Juravac. Unfortunately, Juravac was too much for the two of them to handle, and in the end he killed the two heroes.

Another hero team found their bodies soon after and they were brought back to life and upgraded at the Hero Factory.

Currently Bill and Ling are in training again.The last simulator mission they did was that of where they died against Juravac. They still have much to learn in order to defeat Juravac, but believe it is possible for them.


  • His main opponent is Nurikang

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