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Lucas Valor
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Lucas Valor is the leader of the Delta 9 hero team.


After becoming leader of Delta 9, Lucas Valor led Emily Wise and Nathan Slick. He once led them to Space Station Regular 1, where a group of pirates led by Captain Dark Horrendous held fifteen workers hostage. Due to the space station's structure, Valor and his team could only fight the pirates hand-to-hand until they cornered their foes in a sub-basement. Wise turned off the lights, scaring the pirates into surrendering.

Valor currently patrols the outer reaches of the galaxy, fighting off alien invasions.

Abilities and Traits

Lucas Valor is one of Hero Factory's most courageous and skilled heroes.


Valor is equipped with an Ice Launcher and Jet-Boots. He also carries a bladed weapon for hand-to-hand combat.

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