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Headquarters Room M14 Hero tower, Hero factory HQ
Leader Nick Force, Nathan Blitz
Goal To rid the universe of crime and enslavement, Disease and war
Status All current members alive
Allies Hero Special OPS 9, Hero Recon team, the QELAN tribalpeople
Enemies Jetbug, Rouge Hero, The undead Plague, Various villians
"Sometimes Justice pays instead of Crime. The sooner we realize that, the better."
―The MECA 1 Team Motto


The Members of MECA 1 are some of the most elite heros in the galaxy. They fight crime and and have but one purpose - to protect the innocent and find and put the evil to justice.



Similarly to all other Hero Factory Teams, the MECA 1 team was established upon the creation of a group of Heroes, only two of whom is currently known: Nathan Blitz and Nick Force. For an unclear period of time, the pair operated under an unnamed leader, who would later sustain critical damage in battle.

Shortly afterwards, Nick Force was appointed the leader of the team. His tenure was, however, cut short by a conflict with Jetbug, in which he sacrificed himself in order to defend Nathan Blitz.


The group is comprised of 8 highly trained heroes, four elite Heroes and five rookies, under the joint leadership of Nick Force and Nathan Blitz. Unlike most heroes, they are trained for one purpose - kill the enemy before they kill you. Each have their own 'specialty', such as Thrust being the Ariel Combat expert.

Known Members