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The Madness Series
Settings Makuhero City, Infernum, Earth
Era, timespan 15-17 years after the Fall of Infernum
Previous Series The Dreadnaught Duology, the Iron Maiden Trilogy, the Fallen Angel Trilogy
Next Series None

The Madness Series is a series of stories detailing the fate of the Tau-4 as they live, fight, and die during the Game to become a God.


The Tau-4, and the rest of Hero Factory are in a state of silence. Ever since the Second Pentafrax Civil War, there simply has been no crime. And so, Heroes all throughout the Factory simply wander about the halls, seeking for anything to do.

It is during this lull that a disaster beyond comprehension strikes.

Without their realizing, each of the Tau-4 members receive a strange dream, all at the same time. In this dream, they are given something called a Future Log. These are able to tell the future in some way.

And, the dream ends with a final ominous warning.

"One of you shall be the spark. One of you shall be the inferno. And only one shall walk out unscorched."

One will begin the deaths. One will cause much of the deaths. And only one will escape death.

The story begins with Madness: Genesis.

The Dummy's Guide to the Madness Series

The (Major) Characters Explained

The Symbolism Explained

  • Xaedan - "Mary" combo:
  • Akiyama Makuro and Karaleinne Cerebrum
  • Why Infernum?
  • The Future Logs
  • Numbers for nicknames: Before the Madness Series, each of the Heroes in the Tau-4 team were given a number which represented their ranking within the team. This made it very clear who was better and who was worse. This caused huge competition within the team, and this, at first, did benefit the Tau-4. This allowed for everyone to strive for greatness. However, once the Future Logs appeared, each of the Heroes were given another number, reflecting which number the Future Log was. The Logs eventually corrupted the friendly competition, turning it into something much more lethal. The use of numbers for nicknames dehumanizes the Tau-4 members, representing them as mere instruments in the eyes of Hero Factory.


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