1.0 Form
Mae 2
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons Scimitar, dagger
Colours Black, silver, lime
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive, active
Team Epsilon-2 Team, "Joker Platoon"
Aliases "The Silver Assassin", Mae
Classification Berserker-melee fighter

Maedria Blackis a recon/assassin heroine, and has worked with Hero Factory for nearly two decades. She is a top model hero, but was demoted from insubordination, and her Recon suit was taken away. She remains an elite hero. She also has a 2.0 form.



Like all heroes, she was built and initiated in the Assembly Tower. She was trained, and Maedria showed exceptional skills at espionage and stealthy attacks. She was further trained as an assassin, and was assigned to the Gamma-14 team. She quickly rose above the ranks, and achieved the status of elite hero after a solo mission.

Recon Team

She was then invited to Recon. She accepted.

For nearly 18 years, she had a spotless record of nearly 80 missions. She was fast becoming a star within Hero Factory, despite her unconventional tactics in the field.

However, during a raid, she disobeyed a direct order from the team leader, causing his grave harm. This is not the first time Maedria has done this, but in the past, her risky ploys have always worked. But not this time. She was demoted on her return from the mission, and her recon suit and weapons were taken away.

Epsilon 2

Maedria was assigned to the flailing “Joker Platoon”. She was expected to take Dustin’s place as leader, but she was ordered to follow Dustin’s and Tobias Firestorm’s orders. Tobias was the deputy leader.

Although demoted, her reputation preceded her. She was the one who saved the team from being disbanded.

She was the one who trained Dustin Cyclops, and got him to his present-day ability.

She was the one rescued Valkyrie Hawkeye from an assassination attempt.

She was the one who got the entire team to it’s high status that it carries today.


Maedria was then upgraded, along with Dustin Cyclops, Drake Extreem and Kendrick Ironhide to 2.0 status. Her weapons were replaced with twin claws. However, her fighting style remains the same. Her 2.0 upgrade had little impact on her, as she was already accustomed to fighting with a recon suit.

Rise of Overlord

Maedria was assigned to locate Blitzer, who was hiding on Planetoid 465. She managed to locate his hideout, but she slipped and was knocked out. She awoke to find herself being carried out of the hideout by Robert Freeze.

She went with Delta Team to Planet 107 in pursuit of Blitzer. They discovered a fortress and entered it. Once they were inside, Maedria ran off to find a hanger. She found one, and flew off. She was followed by enemy fighters.

Maedria destroyed the enemy fighters and flew to get backup.




Recon Team
Leader Merrick Fortis
Current Members Crystal Green | Kyle Topkick | Maedria Black | Rocka | Thelonious Foxs | Saido Dieono | Thelonious Foxs | Mike Zero | Peter Icebreaker |
Gary The Torch | Daxone Dodge | Sathe Orbskill | Mulan Red Eye
Former Members Jeremy Hull | Maria Dinamis | Tye MercuryHunter

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