Makuhero Bank
Makuhero Bank
Type Commercial Establishment
Location Makuhero City
Status Under Reconstruction
Appearances None

The Makuhero Bank is the largest bank in Makuhero City.


The Makuhero Bank was created by Akiyama Makuro when he determined that the city that was building up around the Hero Factory needed a bank.

Upon the completion of the building process, Donaldson Trump was appointed as the bank's manager. Makuro still is the primary stockholder.

Over the course of its establishment, Makuhero Bank has created a sterling reputation for itself as a business establishment in which money is kept for saving or commercial purposes or is invested, supplied for loans, or exchanged.


Makuhero Bank has had many heist attempts, but none so successful as the attack by Zobort. He made off with at least 100,000 credits, while destroying part of the bank in the process. It is currently being replaced by a funhouse.

John Stalker is the current Hero Factory guard, in hopes to deter further attempts.

The reconstruction effort is still underway following the incident and an on-going investigation is being carried out, searching for the stolen currency.