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Makuhero City Police Department (TakanuvaWannabe)
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Commander Gordan Yates
Goal To protect and to serve
Status Active
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies Zobort, The Bottler, The Copycat Killer

The Makuhero City Police Department, or MCPD, is a police organization operating in Makuhero City. It deals mostly with criminals so minor that the Hero Factory doesn't bother with them. It did, however, take down major criminals during Hero Factory's "Catch 'em and Cuff 'em" operation.

It is not to be confused with the Mekron City Police Department.

Disclaimer: The characters Ronnie Redhot and Kexobug belong to ToaNuvaNicholas.


Early History

The MCPD was started a long time ago in Makuhero City's history. It was founded when the city was founded, even before it turned into the megaopolis it is today. Credited as the 'rough draft' of Hero Factory, it was taking down criminals before Akiyama Makuro's grandparents were born. With the arrival of Hero Factory, the MCPD became a lot less important, being overshadowed in the Assembly Tower's greatness.


However, during the Breakout mission, villains were everywhere and Hero Factory couldn't spare heroes to patrol the City. The MCPD took it's cue and started catching all of the villains that they could. It expanded profusely, adding almost four thousand to its ranks. The MCPD was now one of the largest orginizations in the galaxy. By the end of the Breakout Mission, Makuhero City was purged of all of the major villains. This kicked the MCPD into overdrive. Many of these new officers spread around the planet, forming their own police orginizations. With Hero Factory back up and running, along with a massive police force, crime on the planet was at an all-time low.


When the Copycat Killer was in office as Mayor, four policemen took him down when Hero Factory wasn't able to. This caused some tension between the two crime-fighting organizations. The news focused on Hero Factory's efforts to break into City Hall, as well as their difusion of a non-threatening bomb. Little was spoken of the heroics of the four officers, inciting distaste of Hero Factory.

Later, after the Breakout mission, the Police converged en masse at a warehouse where drug cartels were known to operate. The police rushed it and took every member of the Shtock Cartel alive, without one police casualty. After this, a few Heroes spoke out against the MCPD, afraid that they would abuse their power and become an army of terror. This spurned amnesty towards the MCPD from Heroes.

Law and Disorder

Eventually, all of the tension exploded into a battle between the two factions. This will be recorded in the serial, Law and Disorder.


The MCPD use many weapons, tools, or other devices. Mostly, though, standard guns are used. These pistols, or sub/machine guns, have two settings: Stun and Kill. One division, lead by Ronnie Redhot, use Ultra Solar Pistols. However, these are not standard.

MCPD's SWAT division use high-powered and usually automatic weapons. Often, they wear body armor similar to Hero Factory 1.0 heroes. They also have a hydraulic right arm that can grab things superfast. SWAT officers also have a high-powered machine gun mounted on their shoulder, along with a state-of-the-art automatic as a sidearm.

Notable Officers



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