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"Foolish are those who chose power over wisdom"
―Marcus Quatros
Marcus Quatros

Xaxon Senate





Marcus Quatros was a Senator, and later Chancellor in the Xazon Republic. 



Marcus was a Senator in the Xazon Senate. He served for 27 years as a Senator before running for Chancellor.


While Marcus was Chancellor, the Hri' Su Alliance attacked the Republic. The war that followed caused Marcus to be in the position of Chancellor way passed the expiration of his term. When the war was over, Marcus gladly stepped down from his position.


Marcus' most well-known achievement was the discovery of the Quatros System, which was named in his honor. While there, he visited 3 of the 5 planets in the system- Quatros, Jungolia, and Planet 107.

He never returned from Planet 107. Many have speculated that he was captured or killed by the Kalimarhi.


Marcus was compassionate and cautious. He never rushed into a situation without analyzing it first.

Political Beliefs

Marcus was an idealist, and supported the common citizen. He believed war was a necessary way to defend the Republic, and strongly supported the Xazon Army's creation.


  • Marcus Quatros lived 10 Eons before Hero Factory existed

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