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Medium-class Mariana Ember is the head of engineering and current leader of Lambda 17.

Mariana Ember







Originally under the leadership of Tesla Lightfoot, Mariana's first 7 months at the Hero Collegium  passed uneventfully. She began majoring in technological fields, such as Vehicular Tech and Combat Tech, with a minor in Applied gadgetry and Short-ranged Gunplay.

During routine shield repairs on the collegium, the Hunter CORPS. mounted an offensive in their warship. While her team leader was in teh observatorium at the time, Mariana and team member Leann Dusk were within proximity of the armory.


Abilities, Equipment, and Personality

Designed with augmentative arms, she has the ability to switch between normal hands, different tools for engineering, and mortar cannons. Being able to switch between a combat set and a design set, she is usually prepared for any situation.

Her equipment varies heavily on what she's been working on recently. However, one consistent weapon is her Thunderclap Electric Rifle.

While having natural intelligence, and extremely good building ability, she is habitually lazy. While during collegium classes she can apply her abilities heavily, whenever off campus at the lambda 17 homebase she tends to spend all her time inventing. Generally cordial, to some she seems unintelligent, though under seemingly unintelligent speech patterns is a cunning mind, and her friends can attest she is startegically minded and simply stays on the lowdown to put the other heroes off to her strength and intelligence in Battle Royales.


Maximum is 12

Strength: 7
Agility: 6
Toughness: 7
Mind: 10