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Cyber-Surge XL
Fcs 1 (1)
Affiliation Hero Factory, Alpha-XL Team
Classification Melee-tank

Shoulder-mounted Dartswarm-class missile launcher, shoulder-mounted minigun, Type 10 Machine Plamsa-Pistol

Melee Weaponry Steelhide shield, thunder greatsword, ion-energy armblade
Ranged Weaponry Throwing knives, wrist-mounted hydro-plasma launcher
Colour Blue, black, silver, grey, cyan
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

"The Livewire"

Other Equipment Chainspike arm, linked Hero Cores

"Well...looks like this is the end," Surge sighed.

"It certainly wasn't the end we wanted, though," Rocka replied.

"Huh. But it's the ending we got."

-Mark Surge and Daniel Rocka, Infernum

Surge XL, or Mark Surge XL, was the second member in the Alpha team to wear a permanent XL suit. Surge XL combines immense power with great defense, making him a powerful Hero. He has worked alongside Breez XL a number of times.


As both a 1.0 and 2.0 hero, Surge has relied on guns, lightning, and ranged attacks. Now, as a XL hero, he uses close range attacks, but still incorporates lightning into many of his combat manuevers.

His ironhide shield is near impentrable, but explosive weapons can still pack a punch against it, if not breach the overlapping layers of metal.

Surge XL's shoulder-mounted lightning disk launcher is one of the most accurate ranged weapons among the XL-Alpha team, and it rivals Breez XL's titanium arrows, and Bulk XL's Devastator-class missile launcher in range. Though not particularly strong, it discharges a large number of volts into the target, effectively stunning the villian. This has been replaced by a Dartswarm-class missile launcher-class missile launcher. His new auxilary is the perfect crowd controller. He'll need it during his "mission" in Infernum.

Surge XL's primary weapon, however, is his thunder greatsword. It can be wielded by one or two hands. Sparks and strams of lightning dance upon the edge of this blade, and a single blow is known to have knocked enemies unconcious.

Cyber Hunter "Upgrade"


Recent Missions

Surge XL and Breez XL were the first two pernament XL Heroes for a time, and so, formed a temporary team. The two heroes have worked together on a number of missions.

-Bastian, along with Breez XL

-The Bellamy Incident

-His current mission is with the rest of the XL-Alpha team.


  • Shoulder-mounted Dartswarm-class missile launcher: A very advanced missile launcher. This is the epitome of any crowd-controlling weapon. The missiles have it all: phosgene gas, shrapnel warhead, and explosive fuel cells. The launcher itself can fire four of these missiles in under two seconds.
  • Shoulder-mounted minigun: A standard among Cyber Heroes. It is perfect for a close range attack, when you and your enemy have your swords/claws/hammers/whatever locked. Simply open fire, and spit 100 rounds in two seconds into your foe's face.
  • Type 10 machine plasma pistol: The speed and power of a SMG, combined with the size of a pistol. Spits out plasma bolts, which are especially good for burning through organic materials. Burns through most metals as well. Partially effective against energy fields.

Additional Abilities & Traits

Working with Breez XL has increased Surge XL's confidence, and he has overcome his fear of being built with a mistake. He aims to be the best he can, and sees the other successes of heroes as a challenge towards him to do better.

Just like at least half the team, he "likes" Natalie Breez. This is unconfirmed.

Other than that, Mark Surge is not a complex character. He does what he is ordered, rarely questions his duties, and generally tries to be the best hero he can be. While trying to get Breez's attention, of course.

Strong and fast, he is an even more formidable Hero with the experience he has gained from his missions as a XL Hero.


Maximum value is 20.

Strength: 18
Agility: 16
Toughness: 18
Mind: 18

Once he was "upgraded", Cyber-Surge had a new set of stats.

Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 21
Agility: 20
Toughness: 22
Mind: 19

His final upgrade, the full Cyber-XL upgrade, gave him yet another set of stats.

Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 24
Agility: 20
Toughness: 23
Mind: 21


Mark Surge XL appears in Infernum, along with the rest of the XL-Alpha Team.

He is one of the three heroes assigned prison duty.

He also appears in the Dreams Quartet as the main character.


  • Mark Surge was the second hero to obtain the Cyber Hunter upgrade.
  • He plays and extremely importatn role in Dreams Quartet.
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