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Mark Surge

Hero Factory, Alpha Team


Scythe, sword, electricle components



Mark Surge is a Hero in the Alpha Team.


The Rage of Core Hunter

Core hunter is a renagade Hero with a more tragic story than Von Nebula. It is actually, kind of pathetic. His name was Johnathon hunted and when he was trying to capture a villain, his core got hit so it drove him to complete insanity and psychopathia. He whent and turned himself red and black but then Surge XL was recreated to stop him. He used every advantage he had. In two days, core hunter had collected over 29 core. Stormer XL also had to stop this sneaky horror. Eventually and predictably, Core Hunter found them and all ready nearly ripped out stormer's core. Surge was using all the other Heroes of the Alpha Teams strengths. Eventually, core hunter found him, but then, screams of the core hunter whent out whith everything black. and when everything was light again he had hand cuffs. He had a lawyer that made sure instead of him getting executed, he would go to jail.

Millenial Shadow

He became an XL to lead the Heroes into battle against End of Days. He was programmed with the most notable traits of the rest of Alpha team and enchanced his own. He found enough pepes to fight the main antagonist


He is a little more like the rest of Alpha Team than he was before (occasionally making the same jokes at the same time) but is over all, the same as what he used to be. He has gotten consumed by Meltdown's nano bots and broke free with pure willpower and got passed his fear of the traitorous glitch. 


Strength: 20
Agility: 25
Toughness: 24
Mind: 23


  • Electricle armour
  • A chip that has every hero in alpha team's strength is imported to him
  • Scythe
  • Motor
  • movable lightning jetpack
  • a mysterious weapon that turns off the light and always seams to leave the victim nealed up in a corner
  • lightning sword
  • heavy chest armour 


Super surge

This, is Awesome!!!!