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General Information

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Misc. Information

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"Strength is weakness. Know your weaknesses, and you have power"
―Mark Surge




Weapons Details

  • Mach Class Missile Launcher- This missile launcher fires Micromissiles, which are powered by nuclear energy. One missile carries the force of a full-sized nuclear missile, but all that nergy is packed into a target area of 10 feet. (Note:This is a very long rang weapon. Even though most damage from impact stays within 10 feet of the point of impact, traces of Nuclear energy may exceed that limit)
  • Triton Crossbow- The arows of the crossbow are triple-tipped. They are EXTREMLY sharp. (Note: Arrows can pierce any kind of armor. Keep them in the case at all times unless youare firing them)
  • EMP Boomerang- This Boomerang emits a contained Electro-Magnetic pulse upon impact. (Note: Don't play chatch with this boomerang)
  • TSV2 Handgun- (Target Slicer Version Two) This handgun's blasts will slice through anything.
  • Titanium Plated NP Rifle- Covered with Titanium to prevent leakage, this rifle fires a Nuclear Pulse at the target, and can kill on contact. (Note: Nuclear radiation may give Heroes Core Cancer)
  • Modified Shoulder-Mounted Meteor Blaster- This Meteor Blaster has been modified to launcher balls of atomically enginered water. The water will rust any metal within seconds of impact. (Note: Watch out for drip)
  • Electro Megapike- This pike is wired to 10 Mini Volt Generators, and can pack quite a shock (Generators prouce 2000 volts a minute). It's massive size allows you to take out your opponent before they get within weapon's reach on you. (Note: Be sure turn off the generators before putting away)
  • Lightning Staff- With a Lightning Shooter and Shield attached at the end of this pole, this staff allows the user to get in firing range before opponents. (Note: Be careful of Lightning Strikes from the LSS on top)
  • Battle Dagger- This dagger is good for cutting and stabbing. It can cut through most types of armor.
  • Shoulder Spikes- Simply shoulder your opponent to skewer him (Or her). (Note: Be sure not to walk shoulder-to shlouder with anyone)

Gear Details

  • Rocket-Jet Pack- This super powered Jetpack can go up to 125 MPH.
  • Armored Hero Core- Special armor that covers Surge's Hero Core, protecting it from battle damage and the elements.
  • V5-Spy Drone- This drone is small and fast, and will easily reach any location. Perfect for recon missions.

Pre-XL Forms

1.0 From

Surge wielded two Lightning Shooter and Shields.

2.0 Form

Surge held an Ice Spear Blaster.

3.0 Form


4.0 Form

Surge carried a 4.0 Blaster and a Lightning Shooter and Shield.

Recon Form

Surge used a Spear and an Ice Spear Blaster. He also wore Arm Blades which doubled as Daggers.


Surge is serious, and goes into tough situations calmly.



  • Surge's XL Form isn't built yet, but Delta hopes to finish it by the end of 2012