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Mark Titro
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Hero Factory


Twin plasma rifles




Makuhero city

Mark Titro is a specialized hero on Boost Team. He is very smart and often works with scientists during missions.


Titro was built in the assembly tower like any other hero. He immediately gained a liking for research and knowledge. He took on various missions usually dealing with investigations and deep studies. The only thing that was odd about him is that he preffered to explore alone as opposed to going with other heroes. On a mission to the planet Mordicus, Titro encountered massive heat waves that overheated and crashed his ship. He was hopelessly lost and came close to death. Fortunately, Hero Factory had sent out a group of heroes (Nick Boost, Prazz, and Phillip Dart) to rescue him. Upon his return to factory, Titro joined the team and became a great asset with his intelligence.


Titro was informed of a group of escaped villains all in one system. He along with his teammates were sent to catch them. Mark was sent out to capture the maniacal villain Aphrax. Latest news reports that when out traveling on his mission, he was infected with a mysterious substance dubbed: red matter. The infection has not yet been identified as harmful, but Mark has slowely begun to turn stronger, and more aggressive (more on his status coming soon).

Abilities and Traits

Mark's wide range of knowledge makes him anyone's favorite know-it-all. He has a thing for hero creations and solving mission problems. His color scheme is mainly orange, but also includes black.


Titro carries twin plasma rifles that he can carry separate or combined as one. He is also equipped with a backpack to hold various items like quaza or important items.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 18
Agility: 20
Toughness: 19
Mind: 22


  • Titro loves the color orange, but hates red
  • Titro installed himself with a "brain" chip so that he could hold as much information as he wants
  • Titro insists on keeping the balance of good and evil, but usually gets overruled
  • Some others would say Titro acts too surprised at times and overreacts