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Matthew Malevolence
Matthew Malevolence
Rogue Hero; Crime Lord

His own





Matthew Malevolence is a rouge Hero.


Matthew Malevolence was a first attempted at a new, 2.5 Hero system, with updated software. The project was a failure, and Matthew was sent to be incinerated.

However, Matthew was angered by the fact he did not get a chance to live his life. He broke out of Hero Factory and stole mass amounts of weapons and other arms. He quickly became known for his wide distribution of arms, and continued to evade Hero Factory Heroes. It was during this time, that Matthew made a lot of deals, and most of the criminals in the Hero Factory Universe were in dept to Matthew for the use of his arms, through unpaid use.

He hired three villains to be his bodyguards, as in payment of using purchasing his arms. He also convinced Anthony Magnet to side with him, quickly using his as a Bounty Hunter to seek out those who disobeyed his deals.

Matthew met Edward Shockwave when searching a planet for a former client, which he wanted to kill in person. He soon after recruited Edward to be one of his Bounty Hunters, beside Anthony.


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