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Maya Sands
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Hero Factory, Angel Squad







"'Peril' is my middle name"
―Maya Sands on the Topic of Danger


Maya Sands is an experimental Hero. She was the first Hero to be made with the 3.1 Upgrade. After intensive testing and training, Maya was declared fit for duty.

Early Missions

Maya was assigned temporarily with Alpha Team to help her learn the ropes. After three successful missions, She was picked up by Recon Team.

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Maya, Ready to Attack

During her first mission for the Team, she came in contact with an escaped convict. Believing Maya to be just an ordinary Hero, the convict attacked her. Thanks to Maya's special abilities, the fight was over in minutes. Maya returned to Hero Factory with the caught convict.

During a later assignment, Maya crossed paths with Core Hunter. The fight that followed was fierce, and both combatants walked away from it battered and bruised. However, Maya collected data that was critical to Bulk's takedown of the villain during Breakout.

The finest moment in Maya's career was when she foiled and assassination attempt on Merrick Fortis. The Recon Team leader had been working later in Research and Development when he was attacked by a hit squad. Maya had been headed for her apartment when she saw a light on in the R&D room of Hero Factory. She arrived in the room to find Fortis pinned by a massive member of the hit squad.

Maya's 3.1 programming kicked in, and she threw one of her Daggers at the attacker's stomach. The body fell to the ground with a thud. The other three members of the hit squad turned and charged. After throwing one out the window, Maya turned and stabbed another in his chest. The last attacker committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Maya helped Fortis to the infirmary, and continued to her apartment.

Angel Squad

Eventually, Maya was approached Mr. Makuro with a proposition to lead an elite group of Heroes. Maya declined his offer, saying that she wasn't a leader, she was a follower.

So Mr. Makuro created Angel Squad, and assigned Natalie Breez to lead the group. The team was sent to destroy the criminal organization V.I.R.U.S., which was beginning to get to powerful.

The Sqaud began its spree when it came across a V.I.R.U.S. base on the planet Rathim. The battle was quick, and Maya herself caught the leader of the base.

Following information from that base, the Squad kept searching, and destroyed more V.I.R.U.S. bases along the way.

Then, after months of searching, they found the headquarters of V.I.R.U.S.. After calling in major reinforcements, the Heroes attack. The battle that followed lasted 15 long hours. Near the end of the battle, Maya's group of Heroes reached the command center.

The leaders were surprised to see Heroes in their command center, allowing the attackers to organize themselves. Maya led the charge, and they took the command center in under an hour.

After the base was taken, Maya assisted in tracking down any escaped V.I.R.U.S. leaders.


Maya wields two Daggers, which she uses for throwing and cutting. Her helmet is shaped like a scorpion's head. Se has the speed and agility of an arachnid.


Maya is fierce and cold, but she has been known to open up at times, when she's with her close friends.


  • Maya was the first 3.1 hero to be created (In the storyline, not real life)