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Millennial Demon

Millennial Army


Staff of Shadow, rock catapolt, helix blaster, corosive add ons, hyper claw, heat freezer, ice melter, Mask of Death



"Mazzerax may die, but he always takes another soul with him to hell."
―Mazzerax [src]


A normal crook who could obey anyone, the mysterious Millennial Leader mutated him into an it. Mazzerax was disigned to be the most powerful thing ever. It was a success until they figured out that the height dedicated was problematic. It was barely armored and could be destroyed very easily. Defeated was another story due to how fast, strong, and proficient in all weapons. It fires all of it's ammo of one gun in a minute and switches around very swiftly. It had an attack that could plow through anything but it could have the same done to Mazzerax rather easily. Due to this problem, the master of the Millennial army decided to find a mask called Krekara that can bring death to every one around the wearer. Mazzerax was the leading "tank" in the Millennial Army and is designed to die but bring heads of hundreds of others with him.


Mazzerax is very slim and tall with gigantic fist/wapons of a large variety.


  • This was going to be Makuta for the BIONICLE story line but was scrapped because he couldn't stand up even with poles holding up his arms, strings holding up the toso, and even a stance. It looks much better on four legs and I wish I had a picture of that before I dismantled him.
    • Also a BIONICLE idea that was scrapped was the Kraahken turnning from the mask of shadow to the mask of plague. You can still see some major overlaps.

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