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Mechanical Mutation Viruses are malicious codes, that when have entered the body will locate the Core Data Stream, hack it and edit the code resulting in minor to major changes in the victim. The affects of the virus can be reduced, subdued or repaired with a Mechanical Mutation Anti-Virus (M.M.A.V.). These will seek out the affected code and re-write it.

Known M.M.V.s

This is a list of every M.M.V. known and its creator

M.M.V.s created by Dr Skull

  • Shellite
  • Demonica

Known M.M.A.V.s

This is a list of every M.M.A.V. known and its creator

M.M.A.V.s created by Sam Grounder

  • FG-4002-4995 "Anti-Demonica"

M.M.V.s, M.M.A.V.s and their affects



This virus hacks the part of the Core Data Stream that keeps the armour peices attached to the victim so when hacked, the armour clamps deactivate and the armour falls off unable to keep their armour attached, making the victim more vunrible.


This virus instantly hacks the Core Data Stream and turns the victim into a powerful monster. The transformation can be instantly or take a few months and can slightly alter the appearance or change it drastically. This is the virus that changed Jack Grounder into what he is now and also changes brain infected creatures into monsters.


FG-4002-4995 "Anti-Demonica"

This is the supposed cure to the transformation affects of Demonica but untested versions can speed up the transformation and further change the appearance.


After dissecting some dead Brains, Hero Factory scientists, Eliza Crumpets and Pandante Botaglove discovered that the brains have six small tendrils in their mouths that secrete a substance very similar to Demonica and a larger one that went directly from the brain. They theorised that this is how the Brains transform and control their victims and that whoever created the brains was working with Dr Skull.

How it happens

When a brain latches onto someone, the six small tendrils that excrete the Demonica like substance, wriggle down the spine to the centre where the Core Data Stream is, this is near the power plant, and drop the payload transforming the victim. The large one coming from the brain finds a part of the Neural-Signal System and overrides the signals from the core, after stopping the signals from the core, the Brain will then use its own core to control the victim via the neural tendril.