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Weapons Toxic Flamethrower
Melee Weapons Unknown
Colors Green and Black
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Melldo is a Villain in the Hero Factory Universe.


Illegal Fight Club

Melldo is known to be Hero Factory most wanted and is the leader of a group of villains, he is in charge of a Illegal Fight Club. At the 2.0 time, melldo was surprise that the hero (Soldon Armor) join the fight club. When he wanted to make Soldon the icon of the fight club, the CandraRenna and Riaso found out and save Soldon and catcher most of his group. Later they give Hero Factory hell.

Mind Trick Hero Factory

At the 3.0 time Melldo and his friend came back to work with the Hero Factory, later they gotten back on the heroes good side, Before melldo was about to get a new upgrade, he moded the Assembly Tower and after the upgrade he made some big damage in the assembly Tower and breaking out his group and gotten away by a hero.


When the breakout came Melldo went to have some fun, him and the group split up to make hell but he was thinking of something crazy. He went to Kansuu 7 to destroy the planet. buut was being stop by Saido Dieono.


Strength: 10
Agility: 7
Toughness: 6
Mind: 7

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