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"I have done what I wanted to do, and it was just a normal working day for me ... Ciao Ciao!"
―Meltdown to the Rookie Team and Stormer
Meltdown is a villain that is also one of Von Nebula's Henchbots. He also seems to have a fan that goes by the name Ditto.


Fall of Magma Moon

After having been immobilized by Bulk and Stringer, Meltdown was taken to the Hero Factory Prison Center alongside Thunder, Corroder and XPlode. While there, he was freed by the villain Reaper. The two fought and killed several Heroes on their way to find their four allies (including Rotor, who had been in the prison since earlier on), and they encountered a Villain named Quron. The trio than began to travel over to a scene where several heroes were battling a dangerous and gigantic tar-like being. After contemplating on how to sneak past the beast, Meltdown and Reaper made it past, as Quron was devoured by the being.

After escaping a Biomechanical Ceratosaurus and finding their allies, the six Villains escaped through a portal, which lead to Makuhero City. It is there that they began to bring out their fury and cause a ton of destruction, which leads into The Vengeance Attack.

He was, in another storyline, upgraded along with XPlode, Rotor, Corroder and Thunder to battle the ZETA Operation at Acid Wharf.


Meltdown's armor is yellow and black, with capsules on his shoulders for carrying toxic waste to fire at opponents. He also has a single red eye that can shoot heat-vision, as well as a lightly skinned yellow face with a slight touch of black soot on it. He also has a light British accent.

Strength: 17
Agility: 17
Toughness: 19
Mind: 14


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