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Merrick Fortis
Merrick Fortis
Affiliation Hero Factory Recon Team Leader
Weapons Ice Spear Shooter
Status Alive
Location Tanker Station 22


Strength: 15
Agility: 16
Toughness: 16
Mind: 20

Merrick Fortis is the leader of the Hero Recon Team, and has a similar appearance to that of Mark Surge.


Fortis was originaly an 'average hero', in which he wasn't any more special than other heroes. However - recently, in March 2011, he was appointed to a Hero 2.0 and was given the job of leading the Hero Recon Team. Asking what the job was about, Fortis learned more than he expected - in which the team was possibly the largest and yet most secretive team in Hero Factory history. Quickly, Fortis accepted - and, upon this, was given some newly hired crewmates, though they are unknown as of now.

Fortis recently went to Tanker Station 22 to attempt discovering what could stop the station's fuel plants from burning without end. Currently, no heroes have been injured nor killed - yet something may happen if they don't take drastic action soon - stated Mak MegaHertz.

Although he keeps it well hidden, he is quite fond of the joker that is Cumulo Nimbus.


The Disappearance of Simon Mercuryfist - Parts 5-7

Recon Team
Leader Merrick Fortis
Current Members Crystal Green | Kyle Topkick | Maedria Black | Rocka | Thelonious Foxs | Saido Dieono | Thelonious Foxs | Mike Zero | Peter Icebreaker |
Gary The Torch | Daxone Dodge | Sathe Orbskill | Mulan Red Eye
Former Members Jeremy Hull | Maria Dinamis | Tye MercuryHunter

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