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this is a story that being writen by HeroSpartan777,as his first fanfict

Midnight Rose
Setting Froza
Date 3 month after Fall of Spyra


Chapter 1

another day in Froza, an icy, full of snow, beside a cliff, stand a hero beside a gravemark, on the gravemark writen a sentence "Thus kindly I accepted my death" 

the hero turn around in silence and continue walking, the hero name is Kiera Blaze, walking through frozen forest, in this kind of situation, she only hoped for one thing, Retaliation, Revenge, Payback, anything, to help her from felt sorry for the death of a hero who accompaning her, but she didn't feel it.

she is feeling relaxed, calm, thinking what challenge will come to her, she is chasing a mafia group called, Reconsilliation, they have been destroying many planets, including Spyra, which she participate to protect.

she has been chasing them for 3 months, with a partner Hero Factory sent, Roland Nighthawk, which is now already deceased, she went through the forest to find a open field and a surprize she like, a warm welcome from a mafia group she after with 1.000.000 drones.

out of the frying pan and into the sun

Because, the drones are one of the best producted drones ever, 1 drone capable to make a normal hero barely could stand up, well, she is not a normal hero after all

the drones started to run towards her, she just stand there without any fear, the drones attacked her and they just fall of, because she is not there, a split second more, she would be in trash bag and sent to Hero Factory, to be recycled, up in the sky she jump, being the shadow of the moon, she take her weapon, and shoot 1.000 drones and destroying it, she destroyed more of them in close range combat,  ultimately destroying all of the drone, less than 2 minuites. "the trouble maybe is not hot enough for me." she thought and smiled.

but still, some backup drones are keep coming wave by wave, she enjoying it, it's been a while since she fight so many enemies.

at last, the kavalery has arrived, and with better personel

at least she can take care of it, without any help, from freakin slow Hero Factory, she thought

Chapter 2

after some times she finally reached the base of the mafia, looks like a castle, she readied to get some resistance but there's nothing, nothing at all, only one life signal, robotic life signal.

just to bust this mission out

she reached where the signal came, it's from the leader of Reconsilliation, and he smiled at her

"so, what do you think of my men?" he asked

"better than usual."she answered

"but still, a big dissapointment, they didn't make you stop going here."

"well, time to go to prison sir."

"I don't think so"

suddenly she flew to a window and through it to the snow and having a hard time beliving this.

Chapter 3

"How do you feel about THAT hero? must be hurt right?" the mafia leader mocking her

"don't be that happy, if you are easy to be captured, you'll make me cry."she replied in calm

well, what she has said make him mad, of course, but still, the fight goes on.

the mafia boss wear a armour of somekind of a thing, it just make him powerfull, but really slow, that punch she had because she didn't notice and ready for it, and it won't happen again

or would it?

the fight goes on and seems no one is winning, on the snow they've been attacking each other, none of them are giving up, until something happened

Kiera accidentaly shoot one of the articulation of the armour and sparks come out of there.

weak spot, gotcha, just need to blow it up, she thought

she tried to short-circuit the armour by pulling some cables, but not close enough to pull it.

no matter how hard she tried she can't reach it

then by another surprize, she took another blow from the armoured mafia leader, stronger this time, just to sent her to another pile of snow, the pain is unbearable, she tried to stand, just to find she has been knock by someone she don't hope at all.

"you are weak hero, you'll need another backup to beat me, but I'll destroy them all in front of your face!!" the mafia boss exclaimed.

"I'll not need any backup, if you questioning my skills, watch this!!" she shouted and standing, smiling this time

she pulled a small silver stick from her back and opened the top, and beeping sound heard from the armor.

"what the--"

"adios, my friend" she said in cold tone,and pressed the button

the armour explode and leaving no trace of it's existance, including who's the one wearing it in his last stand

Chapter 4

"Kiera Blaze, this is Hero Factory HQ, do you copy?"

"this is Kiera, go ahead."

"thank god, we thought you are a gon--"

"A Goner?!?!?! seriously, if every one thought I'm a goner, put in my data a MIA status, hell, even better if you put it KIA !!"

"I'm sorry, just go back to HQ now, we are waiting for your report of the mission."

"ok, sir."

"and, Kiera..."


"we're glad to have you in our side Midnight Rose."