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Mike Holland
Ranged Weaponry Assault rifle
Melee Weaponry combat knife
General Information
Affiliation Hero Factory
Color(s) Light gray, black
Current Status alive, active
Location Goron II
Misc. Information
Alias(es) Cobalt 1-4
Other Equipment Standard issue combat tech
"Wait, so I'm stuck with these guys?"
―Mike Holland, after realizing he had just been assigned to Cobalt 1 [src]

Mike Holland is a Hero, working for Hero Factory.


All that is known about his past is that he was in the 17th Gemini Squadron with his team, protecting a convoy in a heavily modified drop ship during the Natov-Cherak war, when his team mates and him were shot down. He survived the crash, but his team mates did not, and despite that he continued to do his best to protect the convoy.

Recently, he was assigned to Cobalt squad, and after a briefing from General Gilben and being upgraded, he boarded a modified Verisian V-10 cruiser with his team and is receiving a briefing from Preston Stormer about the upcoming mission.

Personality and Traits

Mike is a joker. A flat out, all the way, joker. For some reason, he doesn't allow anything in what he calls his "Fake as ever" life to get him down. For that reason, many other heroes are very annoyed by him, which simply amuses him and annoys them even more. Few people have any idea why he is like that, or want to.

Weapons and Abilities

Mike's newest weapon is a normal one barrel machine gun, with a large attachment on the bottom that has a mini grenade launcher. The gun can be loaded with class 2 lethal ammo or class 6 stun ammo.

Mike's gun is connected to his helmet, and he has an HUD and a target pointer, among other things, that interact with his gun.

Mike is made for combat, and as such knows exactly what to do in combat situations.


Origanally, Mike's armor was gray and white. Currently, it is black and a sort of dim white, having been changed for his new mission.