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This article was written by Luis el grande. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

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Naisorua is an Aurosian and a Shadow titan minion.


He came in to existence from Bonecrusher's saliva. Luis Blazer thought that with some DNA testing, Naisorua could become his minion. He transformed the Aurosian into a whole person, and gave him both the Naisorua chariot and some trancydium to become imortal. Now he helps his master and teammates in missions. When his master showed him how he achieved his super perfect forms, he asked to try it. Using a draining system installed on his blades, he used it with his fangz to achieve his perfect form

Abilities and Traits

Naisorua has both Luis Blazer's and Bonecrusher's behaviors combined, as well as multiple powers, including luis's shape-shift ability

perfect form


He naturally uses his chariot and the mutated Fangz that pushes it for defense, along with a whip and a plasma blaster. However, he can also use two blades and feet additions that he can generate.

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